Eloquence is logic on fire.

George Essien's level of speech delivery is nothing short of phenomenal.While his tonality re-vibrates
essentially with positive energy, his speeches are content-rich,well researched, and punchline driven.

Activation is more important than Motivation.

While it is true that George Essien admits that he is a motivational speaker,his breakthrough technologies, audience-involving activities and simulations which gets people to take fast and immediate action is simply the cutting edge.

George Essien, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant.

Learning Precedes Earning

George Essien is a gifted teacher. He is the 'communicator' who takes something complex and
makes it simple rather than being the 'educator' that takes something simple and make it complex

It Is Not Your Beginning That Determines
Your Becoming, It Is Your Believing.

Audiences are sure to walk away lifted and inspired
upon listening to George Essien whose meteoric rise
is a product of faith in God, faith in himself , and his
sheer determination to succeed despite of the all the
odds he faced.

George Essien is the author of the bestselling book
SPEECH POWER, Both the e-book and Hard Copy.

It is a book that helps public speakers know how
to move from dull to dynamic on stage.

About The Author

george essienWith carefully crafted words that have been known for ages to cause severe stir to people’s internal conditioning, George Essien helps people to become the best they can be. This dynamic, fast paced, insightful punch liner, is any audience’s want. A Television delight and Radio regular, George’s motivational expertise enables him speak around the world at conferences, workshops, seminars, summits and events. He is the first in Nigeria to be designated PEAK PERFORMANCE CONSULTANT(PPC)

He is the convener of  CONFERENCE OF ORATORS, a program designed to get speakers and trainers to network, share ideas, and synergize. It is also a conference that creates the platform for upcoming speakers to connect and get mentored by leading speakers. He is the organizer of POWERMINDS WOMEN IN BUSINESS SUMMIT , a summit dedicated to helping women embrace entrepreneurship and independence.

As a business trainer, through his NGO, PowerMinds Community, he has helped trained thousands of people in the rural communities by showing them how to produce ,package and promote fast cash consumables like liquid soap, cream, bleach, detergents and many more. This he believes is his empowerment to them, as they will not only carter for themselves but others too.

For more than 10 years this Microbiologist turn professional speaker and teacher has shaped the minds of hundreds of thousands of people ,including his numerous seminar attendees who attend READ MORE

Peak Performance Coach, Television presenter, radio delight, motivational speaker, author and Life Coach.