SELECTIVE BLINDNESS: Your husband rarely ever comes fully packaged.It takes vision to see that that man who doesn’t look it,is your husband

2.INDEPENDENCE: No man wants to marry a completely independent woman. You scare pontential husbands away. They are scared you would not submit.Rather than buy a car, imvest in a business as a woman. It is wisdom.

3.NASTY ATTITUDES: Like anger,pride,wrong use of words are major reasons.

4.RELIGION: Good girls don’t get married,it is good girls who are smart that do.Don’t let no Pastor choose for you.


6. DRESSING: When a Woman wants to marry she tones down on reckless dressing

7.ASSOCIATION: If all your friends are singles how do you expect to marry on time?

8.SPIRITUAL COVENANTS: Some women are married to spiritual men who have sex with them in their dreams and until they get delivered,they would not get married

9.DESTINY : Not every person is meant to be married, mostly because of the kind of assignment God has for them.

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George Essien is a Life Coach,Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant.With carefully crafted words that have known for ages to cause stir in people's internal conditioning, George uses them to help people be the best they can be.A television delight and radio regular, George Essien's motivational expertise makes a speaker at conferences,summits and seminars all over the world He also comperes corporate events and occasions . Author of a number of books, George is also a writer in a number of magazines

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