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Hi, My name is George Essien. When you think of me, you think of everything inspirational. I however specialize in Public Speaking and Persuasion/Sales Technology. I have been in the business of Motivational Speaking for more than 7 years and have organized more than 40 motivational events. I am the author of 5 books and have ran a number of Television and Radio programs . If you want to be a motivational speaker in Nigeria, I can help you.

You can start from Nigeria and grow global. It is ok to start local but you must grow national and then reach global.Let me share with you some tips that helped me and can help you build a career in Motivational Speaking in Nigeria

1. FIND YOUR NICHE: I do general success motivation but I have developed expertise in Public speaking trainings and sales/persuasion technology. That is my niche. Because of being a master in an area, I receive calls to give presentations and trainings in that regard.

There are other areas too. You may want to focus on relationships, health, network marketing, Business, Finance, Leadership, Corporate ethics, Etiquette, Sales, Branding etc.

2. TELL A STORY: The best motivational speakers are story tellers. What has life taught? Your life has a story people want to hear.Use that as your philosophy. Share it. Build your messages from it. When people hear you, let them hear you tell your story. Weave your story into your presentations. Jim Rohn did that.Brian Tracy and Les Brown do that.

3.DEVELOP YOUR BRAND: To grow any business, you must effectively brand it. What is your colour,logo,tag line, motto?Choose a memorable , simple name. You could to choose your name as a brand.

For me, I chose ‘george essien’. My colours are predominately Black with a touch of red,grey and brown. There is special way my name is written and my tag line is :…everything inspirational. Branding is the way you want people to perceive you. The reputation you build becomes your brand.

Don’t just brand it, package it and promote it.

4.STARTĀ  A BUSINESS: It could a consultancy. In 2007, I started an inspirational book shop called LEARN AND EARN VENTURES.It could be a traditional business or a social enterprise(NGO). The name of the social enterprise I run is PowerMinds Community.

5.WRITE A BOOK: Being an author gives you instant authority. Write an inspirational book and promote it.

6.GET INTERVIEWED REGULARLY ON TV/RADIO OR HOST A TELEVISION OR RADIO PROGRAM: For more than 7 years I ran an inspirational program on a local television. FindĀ  a way to be in the media.


8.HONE YOUR SPEAKING SKILLS. Attend classes that teach on public speaking. Observe speakers that inspire you and rehearse. Copy styles for a start but ultimately create your speaking style.

To learn more about Motivational speaking and public speaking generally, sms SPEECH POWER to 2348187133153. There is this e-book that I have will answer all your public speaking questions. It will help you so send the sms now. Cheers.


About the Author
George Essien is a Life Coach,Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant.With carefully crafted words that have known for ages to cause stir in people's internal conditioning, George uses them to help people be the best they can be.A television delight and radio regular, George Essien's motivational expertise makes a speaker at conferences,summits and seminars all over the world He also comperes corporate events and occasions . Author of a number of books, George is also a writer in a number of magazines

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