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Every lady faces this challenge: “Should I marry this poor potential prospective guy or go for that rich, ready made guy?” Sometimes, both guys are good. I mean the rich or the poor. They are poor guys who become rich and express their true colour and rich guys who are not the hit-and-run fellows,as a lot of people assume.And vice versa.

With a lot of money to throw around, any guy can play Mr Nice guy.All he simply has to do is shuffle money.Most ladies like nice things. A car. A new bag.And shoes. A surprise gift. You see, some ladies say it does not matter. But again they still work independently to buy THOSE things for themselves.

Money and women are related, some one once said humorously. Is that true?Some people say that money is a woman. Money and the woman have certain similarities.They both are elusive and evasive. They both love to be pursued. They relish the hide and seek game.

If you cannot talk or woo you can’t get both of them.Any of them. They both love attention.A lot of attention. They are both faithful servants both cruel masters. It is not any wonder that when the two meet, they stick. (laughs out loud).They quickly form an affinity. Very few women have a detached view of money. Very few. They may claim so but in reality it is not so.

And it is no fault of theirs. God created them so. Not to give but to receive.Even sexually they are designed to receive.So don’t blame her when she seeks security. She was designed to be secured, to be protected , to be made comfortable, to be provided for.A certain pastor once said that no matter the amount a wife earns, she would still want to ‘eat’ her husbands cash no matter how little he earns.To her his giving her of his substance, irrespective of how meager is proof that he truly loves her and can sacrifice for her. She is indeed a delicate creature.A ‘studyable’

Here is my point: Young lady, you deserve the best. But be careful not to pursue glory instead of seed. Remember that God gives you His best in seed format. All glory fades
but seed is potential. And potential is not what is, but what can be.

Have an eye for seed. It takes vision to see the tree in the seed. A tree will provide fruit but it is at the risk of being cut down.But a seed has growth potential.That is a powerful statement, so powerful you probably want to read it again.

Be sensitive.You deserve the best.You deserve to enjoy the good things of life. You deserve financial security. You deserve a good looking man. But you also deserve a ‘bright future’. Not just a present that is sure and a future that is uncertain. People throw stones on ripe fruit.All the best.

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