In choosing women young men particularly entrepreneurs should never judge a person based on physical appearances alone.

Physical appearances or beauty should not be your only basis for picking a wife because it is fleeting.

In another 10 years that lady’s body will start to sag and wrinkles would begin to set in.

As a young entrepreneur or any young man, look for a woman who shares your vision, who shows interest in your business, who dreams the way you dream and who is ready to nurse and help you.

Not many ladies would have married me when my wife did.

Many years after our marriage we faced many storms but she believed in me and followed me.

There were times when it was her salary that footed most bills but she still believed in my dreams.

Today she holds my cheque.

She can withdraw anytime she likes and anytime she wants. Most of the booklets is presigned by me.

That is my reward for her faithfulness, support and dedication. Even at that, she is still a very prudent and helpful wife.

God has blessed me with many business business concerns including 3 RADIO STATIONS in 3 different cities in Nigeria. But most of all is first blessed me with a good wife.

Choose wisely.

About the Author
George Essien is a Life Coach,Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant.With carefully crafted words that have known for ages to cause stir in people's internal conditioning, George uses them to help people be the best they can be.A television delight and radio regular, George Essien's motivational expertise makes a speaker at conferences,summits and seminars all over the world He also comperes corporate events and occasions . Author of a number of books, George is also a writer in a number of magazines

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