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DO YOU WANT A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING PROFESSIONAL to help get your marketers to outsell that last sales record, your workers to perform at their VERY PEAK POTENTIAL, your church members to be exposed to quality information that will inspire them to quality actions that have success consequences?

THEN…..Get the speaking services of GEORGE ESSIEN, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant.

Fondly called Mr Motivator,George Essien doesn’t just motivate, he ACTIVATES!

With carefully crafted words, in good diction, bits and slices of humour, content value and dynamism, George Essien can get even the most unmotivated individual to start running towards their dreams!

HOW TO GET THE PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING SERVICES OF George Essien, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant.

1.Send an email to powermindscommunity@yahoo.com detailing what kind of speech you want crafted.

2.Expect a response from PowerMinds Community or from one of its affiliate companies George Essien Motivational Speaking Services.

3.The response will tell you the details, including his professional fee and conditions.


For Church Meetings or Religious organizations $1500 per 1 hour presentation. For organizations, $3000 per 1 hour presentation. This excludes hotels and air travels.


For Full length training programs in religious organizations $2000

For keynote motivational speeches in companies and organizations $1,000 per 1 hour presentation

For training Programs on Peak Performance or Sales or Stress Management $8,000 Irrespective of the length

For One full year Retainership for organizations $15,000

These excludes other logistics that may be involved like transportation, hotel bills, feeding and additional facilitation aids. Prices are still negotiable. 08187133153


1. ELOQUENCE & EFFECTIVE DELIVERY: Very few speakers create the kind of atmosphere George Essien permeates on stage or behind the podium. His unusual ability to arrest audience’s attention – retain it – helps facilitate learning, the bottom line.With carefully crafted words and punchlines that have been known for ages to cause stir in people’s internal condition, George helps people become the best they can be.

2. A VAST SPEAKER: Unlike many others who focus on so-called specifics, George masters a number of KEY core human areas that are important to personal and corporate development. His speeches range from Success Motivation to Sales & Persuasion Technology; Speech Mastery to Finance; and also from Online Business Opportunities lessons to Relationship Management Strategies

3. CHARM & HUMOUR: Good looks. An audience appeal, of course,and his sense of humour makes him a delight to listen to and view to watch. He makes the axiom  “People may forget what you say but they may not forget how you made them feel” true

4. GOOD DICTION: Listeners are sure to be impressed at his use of words and mastery of the English Language.

5. A MOTIVATOR: People leave his meetings feeling really motivated, inspired and satisfied.

6. AN ACTIVATOR: George Essien prides himself as one who can ‘instigate’ action. His appeal/call to action is top notch.While it is true that George Essien admits that he is a motivational speaker,his breakthrough technologies, audience-involving activities and simulations  which gets people to take fast and immediate action is simply the cutting edge.

7. EXPERIENCE: George Essien has been speaking professionally for 8 years now….and really knows what it means to inspire ANY audience. Whether they are military personnels, kids, teenagers, sales teams,business executives or church folks, his unusual ability to customize his messages gives the edge over many speakers

8.MEDIA PRESENCE: His TV and radio presence also makes him a brand appeal and one whose invitation can serve as a leverage, especially in the success of your meeting or event.

9. A CERTIFIED SPEAKER: George Essien is a certified and trained speaker. He went professional just after he finished a training with M.G.MANAGEMENT CENTER Lagos in 2005 and was part of the 2001 MINISTRY MENTORSHIP training of Sam Adeyemi that has evolved today to the Daystar Academy.

10. ENDORSED BY THE BEST: Even the best in professional speaking industry call him guru, they admit that he is an emerging force in the human development industry.

11. SEMINAR CONVENER: George has successfully done 40 seminars, with large attendance. This experience may come in handy in organizing your event.

12. POPULAR BLOGGER: His strong online presence also give him an edge over other speakers you may be considering, as a public announcement from him on his regularly updated blogs will surely draw attention to your meeting.

13. SPIRITUAL: George Essien is an unapologetic spirit filled , tongue speaking christian and minster…

14. CORPORATE COMPERE PAR EXCELLENCE: George brings excellence to your corporate event

15. RESPECTED AUTHOR: His the author of 5 best selling books.

16. AFFORDABLE AND NEGOTIABLE SPEAKING FEES: George’s speaking fees are about  $1,500 per hour, fair ,considering what the expertise he brings to his table.

17. CONSULTANT: George has worked with a number of companies especially as a peak performance coach, including UCCM Educational Services, Talent Business School, AKBC, AIRTEL, CLOSERANGE COMMUNICATIONS, FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY CORPS(FRSC),INFOACT, Dembarukas, Friends Of The Needy Organization, First Born Foundation, Heroes and Heroines Limited(Dealers with Airtel), Akwa Ibom Spelling Bee, University Of Uyo Consultancy Limited, PLANET FM and others.

To have him speak at your next event, call +2348187133153hire me 2