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Barely a month ago after a presentation I gave at a Couples’ Dinner /Business meeting, a young couple walked up to me to ask a few questions.

The husband said, “You recommended network marketing in your presentation today but we have had bitter experiences from it. In fact, we have got our fingers burnt.”

I asked, “Tell me what really happened”

The wife said, “Well, last year we signed up for Avenues to Wealth here in Portharcourt and nobody was interested in joining us. It was just us and one other family that signed up.All our funds just went. We were promised that we will make millions in a short while”

“I see”

The husband added, “We invested a lot of money talking, organizing seminars, even registering people. But we got no result. No body followed us”

I asked the woman, “Have you joined any other company before?”

The woman said no but added,”My mother signed up with GNLD so many years ago and later joined FOREVER Living products. I don’t think she made any success from them”

“Interesting”, I said. “I am a bit tired now but I am at Golden Tulip hotel. Join me for dinner this evening. Would you?”

They both smiled and agreed.

“There are few things you must know that will help you gain the right perspective about this business model called Network Marketing”.

“Okay , we will be there”, the Oga said.

That evening at a round table at the lush restaurant of Golden Tulip, I began to educate them.

“Network marketing exposes your leadership deficiencies.” I said.

“You said you were in Avenues To Wealth ,right? I am sure there are people who were making it in the same business, aren’t there?”

They both nodded a yes.

“Remember that Chinese proverb that says, ‘He who thinks he leads and has no one following him is only taking a stroll’ ?” I continued. “The litmus test of leadership is followership.

“When you say that no one joined, no one followed you, then it means that you should be thankful to network marketing because it revealed your Leadership deficiencies. You see, the ability to get people to follow you, to buy into whatever it is you are doing is one of the most important skills in Life. Every millionaire is a leader. He knows how to persuade, to sell his product or service to a large number of people.

“A lot of Nigerians get into network marketing thinking that it is a get-rich-quick scheme, and unfortunately many uplines sell that philosophy to their downlines. This is wrong. Like any other business, you will have to consistently do network marketing for between 4 to 5 years before you hit millions. It will place a demand on your time, creativity, and energy. It is work, not an investment scheme.

“You will have to truly help your downlines succeed before you can succeed. There are no two ways about it. You can’t succeed unless your downline succeeds. That is how network marketing is designed. If you succeed by investing hundreds of thousands to buy products and spaces, it will end up back firing. Yes, you will be paid those initial periods but since products are not people, duplication will be impossible.

“Network marketing will teach you effective communication, both one-on-one and public speaking. These arts are a must for you to succeed in the business. It will teach you how make friends, network and to nourish your relationships. This does not happen in any other business model. You constantly have to check on how your downlines are doing because their success determines your success

“Are you getting these?”

They both nodded.”The first thing that network marketing does to you is that it reveals how undeveloped you are, it reveals your selfishness, your lack of leadership, your lack of patience, and your inability to handle rejections and failure. Now, having emotional control is key in life ; do you agree with me? You don’t allow success get into your head or failure attack your heart. The initial periods you will face a lot of rejection and be misunderstood. If you don’t have emotional stability, you may give up. In fact, most folks who started this business failed 2 to 3 times before they got it right. Many of them came in to make quick money only to later realize that Network Marketing is a business that demands effort and strategizing. Here is what I believe, Network Marketing is indeed the Business of The 21st Century like Robert Kiyosaki says

“I mean, why will Warren Buffet,Richard Branson, Donald J. Trump some of the richest men in the world recommend it and even invest heavily in network marketing companies? It is a known fact that Warren Buffet recently bought 2 network marketing companies. You know why? It is because it is a model that works. Network marketing is almost 100 years old. It is simply a referral system that companies employ that get these companies to reach more people.

“Let me give you an example, a practical example. Let us assume you are selling bags. A customer buys one bag and likes it. You then go ahead to tell that customer that if he or she refers someone else you will give him a commission….and he or she does. The new customer likes the bag too and you tell the new customer that if he or she refers someone you will give him or her a commission…..and also give something to the first person who initiated the sales process. You see? That is how network marketing actually started. Tell me, will your business sell more bags?”

The man was getting the picture. He gave me a smile.The wife smiled too. She said, “Isee”

“If the company takes little bits and junks of the commissions as your network grows and gives it to you, you become an extremely rich person. That is what leverage is all about. You work once, that is, refer one person or two persons, as the case may be, and then as long all your downlines make referrals, you continue to earn.”

“So what are you advising us to do?” The husband said

I gulped my juice and attacked the chicken lap on my plate. The meat gave way and I ate a piece.With my mouth chewing I said,”First, make sure you choose a good company that has a sellable product or service, preferably consumables, anything health product, food, creams will do Next, make sure that enter Network Marketing with the right Mindset. Personal development is the ultimate goal of Network marketing, not Money Making. You have to BECOME rich in character, mindset, attitude, skills for you to attract the money you desire.For things to change, you must first change. Success is not what you pursue but what you attract, and you attract success by becoming a better person.

“Network Marketing affords you that opportunity. It creates the platform to grow your leadership skills, your selling skills, your recruiting skills, your goal setting skills, even your financial intelligence. These skills make you better. These skills change you and help you attract the kind of people, things, resources and opportunities that you desire. Your focus should FIRST be on how Network Marketing can make you better.”

The wife said, ” So what about Avenues To Wealth?”

I helped myself with another glass of Chivita juice. “Avenues To Wealth has passed the 5 year mark. It is principally an online business. And the world is going online too. By 5 year mark I mean: Don’t join any network marketing company that hasn’t gone pass 5 years. I recommend GNLD, FOREVER, LONGRICH, EDMARK…”

“GNLD? No o”, Madam cut in.

“I understand. A lot of people made GNLD look like a get-rich-quick scheme. But they have passed 50 years and they are still there. So they are credible. Though I must say here that their compensation plan is pretty old. Much like AmyWay. 21st century companies use binary compensation plans or hybrid binary compensation plans. Let me give you some examples: LongRich, Vemma, Agel, Organogold. Companies like GreenWorld, Kedi and NONI who use the matrix or Unilever compensation plan also have been working for many Africans.”

I guessed they now understood this whole Network Marketing thing.

After we had all had our meals and we were taking dessert, I added. “There are a lot of pyramid schemes here and there. Any network marketing company that doesn’t promote a product or service is actually a pyramid or ponzy scheme. Any company that pays you only for the number of people you recruit is also a pyramid scheme. Actually, most of them don’t go pass 5 years. They fail. In America and many other western countries, they are considered illegal. Any company you should join must be registered with The Direct Selling Association (DSA) . If not, they are Pyramid”

“Yeah,” Madam said. “A lot of schemes have been brought myway. They look so good to be true”

“They are the ones giving network marketing a bad name”, I added.

“True”, Oga said.“Thank Mr. George Essien for educating us on this. We really appreciate the light”

“You are welcome”

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George Essien is a Life Coach,Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Consultant.With carefully crafted words that have known for ages to cause stir in people's internal conditioning, George uses them to help people be the best they can be.A television delight and radio regular, George Essien's motivational expertise makes a speaker at conferences,summits and seminars all over the world He also comperes corporate events and occasions . Author of a number of books, George is also a writer in a number of magazines

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